Do this and make everything else easier or unnecessary.. (my answer was eat more coconut oil) Is this also the magic bullet for weight loss/optimal weight and strength?

After listening to this podcast I immediately ordered and now just finished a profound book that I know has and will continue to change my life for the better! (podcast Ben Pakulski and Check this out it can help you too. The principle increases productivity and will remind you that doing the small thing can lead to the big change.  Find the smallest thing you can do such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary. Transform any area of your life by asking this focusing question. Here’s how I got the answer.. 

I was riding in my truck on the way to a moving job with a young man who just moved up from Alabama, he has been in a foster family there since he was very young.  He is now in his late teens and came to live with his biological mother.  I asked him the question as I am always trying to support people in being their best.  His answer came down to his memory, he felt if he could improve his memory that his life would be better.  So the process has you ask the question again and again until you find that small thing you can do preferably right now, or on a daily habitual basis.  The lesson is that you decide your habits you decide your future. What’s the one thing you can do that would improve your memory? Well in this case he was talking to me and I could guide him in some great options.  There are of course hundreds of things you could do, but we were looking for something he CAN do.  Now taking a tablespoon or 3 of coconut oil each day is a simple action that can have a profound result, making the small incremental change in eating habits will influence the future for the better. (pause for a sec and go get some coconut oil right now) …….me getting up walking back to my shelf and opening up a jar of coconut oil to eat it right now…… Me sitting back down writing the above and realizing I can also do some oil pulling with it for oral health etc…(a topic for another day).

Eating coconut oil and other healthy oils including MCT (medium chain tryglycerides and such) can encourage a ketogenic state in the body, pushing some crappy carbs out of your diet and offering more clean burning ketones. I recently learned that eating more omega 3s can also improve performance and energy. I knew it could help this indirectly by lowering inflammation but they literally burn cleaner and more efficiently and have been proven to increase endurance.  Back to the optimal body fat % and weight loss topic, Dr Shallenberger recently shared this article… The summary is 3 tablespoons a day  of coconut oil is a Silver bullet for weight loss.

Till next time.. Stay in Infinite Love and Gratitude!