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Meet Dr. Alexander Gilmore

Dr. Alexander Gilmore is an eclectic kind of doctor. “I think there is more to the human body than most of us realize,” he says, “there is an amazing capacity for self-healing and regeneration deep within that just needs to be awakened for people to experience vibrant health. This is how miracles happen.” Dr. Gilmore has spent the last 3 years studying with what he calls “miracle doctors.” “They’re the kind of doctor I would send my dying mother to,” he says. This is what he hopes to reproduce here in the little town of Cedaredge using some of the most advanced techniques available in chiropractic today. The main technique he has studied is called CPK (Chiro Plus Kinesiology). This makes him one of just a few doctors in the world that practice in the same fashion. Even at a young age, Dr. Gilmore spent extensive time studying health and wellness. “I’ve always known I was supposed to be a doctor. So I have been preparing for a long time. My first interest was in peak performance as I have been involved in sports since a little boy, but it always seemed like some kind of ailment held me back. I just wish I could have known a doctor like me in those early years. There’s no doubt that the little things that seemed to hold me back would have been easily handled by a doctor like I am now.” 

Dr. Gilmore graduated from Brigham Young University as the Valedictorian in Exercise Physiology and Pre-Medicine. “I knew that I wanted to be a doctor–I just wasn’t sure what kind. I just knew I didn’t want to rely on drugs and surgery to treat people. Covering symptoms with toxic drugs or cutting out body parts didn’t make sense to me; it seemed that drugs never really healed anything.”  Early in his career at Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Gilmore witnessed his first miracle. “My wife and I were going crazy with our baby girl Hannah. She would stay up crying almost all night. No-one could help her. We searched everywhere, but nothing seemed to work. Even the best techniques in chiropractic didn’t seem to do much.” This went on for several months until something wonderful happened. “Our prayers were answered when I bumped into an experimental technique call Toftness. They used a ‘radiation’ or ‘nerve stress detector’ to monitor the nervous system,” he says. “We finally started seeing results. I just knew this was something I had to learn.” And learn he did! Dr. Gilmore jumped the gun and started to study this advanced technique before the school even offered it. “We couldn’t wait. My wife’s sanity and my own were at stake; we were both nervous wrecks after not sleeping well for practically a year.” Dr. Gilmore began using the “nerve stress detector” to treat their daughter with only 4-6 ounces of pressure. “After a while I couldn’t even find a stress reading on her, and of course we were sleeping well within the first few days, it was definitely a miracle.” Dr. Gilmore would go on to master this new technique, as well as several others while at school. “There are over 200 techniques in chiropractic. I feel like I’ve been able to at least look into nearly all of them and draw from the best for what I do now.” Dr. Gilmore specializes in a conglomerate technique called CPK. “I stumbled upon a marvelous integration of everything I wanted to study.” CPK enabled Dr. Gilmore to practice his nutrition and diet approaches to health by using the most advanced forms of chiropractic available. “I’m always studying more about how to help people reach their optimum health potential. There are so many wonderful and exciting things in the field of health and I feel like we are on the brink of it all.”

“It is dedication to a definite purpose guided by true principles that manifests everything in life worth having, being, or doing.”

— Dr. Alexander Gilmore D.C.