Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Developed by NASA and designed into astronaut’s suits to simulate Earth’s electromagnetic field, the PEMF has been around for a long time with over 7,000 research articles published about it.  The only way our body works is through electrical signals.  Normal healthy cells have a field that generates -70 to -110 millivolts of energy.  When cells drop below -40 to -50 mv the person will become sick, and if it drops below -20 mv the cells will turn cancerous.  The one place in your body that will never get cancer is the heart because it’s the most electric organ of the body, carrying over -200 mv.

PEMF has been shown to increase cell voltage and therefore:

  • improve cell regeneration time
  • reverse osteoporosis
  • improve energy
  • increase oxygen uptake by cells
  • strengthen the immune system and make white blood cells more active
  • increase metabolism
  • decrease pain. 

It has also been shown to increase blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and platelet stickiness, prevent blood clots and balance blood pressure.  Other studies have shown that it helps the body to absorb nutrients 20x more efficiently, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the detoxification pathway.