Digital Pulse Analyzer

How old are you really?

The Digital Pulse Analyzer is an FDA-approved device used to measure and analyze pulse waveforms, heart rate and show arterial stiffness. It provides information by way of a non-invasive, infrared light fingertip probe.
The measurement probe consists of a light-emitting diode (infrared LED) and a photodiode placed on the opposite side (of a finger) as a light receiver.  The Photodiode detects the changes in the amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin, which tracks against time the density of blood in the fingertip, allowing the device to graph the pulse of blood flowing from the heart.

  • Early detection of stiffness in the arterial wall
  • Biological age of the patient’s arteries
  • Information regarding best treatment choices
  • Ability to monitor the arterial wall response to lifestyle/health changes
  • Prognosis and thus reduction of  cardiovascular risk factors
  • Ability to plan the treatment and follow up with the patient under treatment at an early stage

A Snapshot of your arteries