Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)
Find and train your weakness to go to the next level of performance and vitality!

The results of the F.I.T. exam are implemented to create a prescription of Clinical Exercises to enhance every phase of care, unique to the your soft tissue, structural and neurological asymmetry and weaknesses clearly measured and scored upon examination and re-examination: not just symptomatic need.

Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® is a standardized, active, reproducible, progressive system of patient/client evaluation at each of the following levels: neutral posture, movement, function, and performance. The Active Examination™ and Prescribed Treatment System is used to determine symmetry, asymmetry, of structural misalignment, neurological imbalance and the flexibility/inflexibility of hard and soft tissue components resulting in a 3D Body Map®. This reproducible Bodymap® System will not only help you become a better examiner, but the Active Examination™ and Prescribed Treatment System will also show the priorities for correction and communicate the need for a corrective program including Laser, Percussor and Adjustor treatments to the client more visible than ever. The Fitness Integration Technique (F.I.T.)® System can be used on the typical patient to enhance clinical outcomes but when the F.I.T. 3-D Active Evaluation™ is mastered the results will help the clinician attract the responsible, proactive client that needs a Performance Practitioner to prevent injury and correct imbalances so they can thrive in their life’s health goals or fitness passion of choice.

Build a Stronger Tomorrow!