Tomorrow is the last chance to participate in Group Lifeline! Sunday the 17th 3pm. We all have more potential to release and realize. Overcoming the negative thinking and programs/trauma of our past will allow your life to be optimized. This is LIVE IN PERSON, as well as zoom.

How can we imagine a greater reality with infinite potential and bring that into our experience today?
Let’s choose this for everyone and allow a fullness of goodness to come forth, let’s be willing to see more, feel more and therefore love more.

Even Infinite love and gratitude!

Is your life perfect yet? Or are there some things out of balance? Some tension in the body, or in the relationships, something that’s just not working? IT IS TIME FOR AN UPGRADE!! Look no further then Infinite love and gratitude implemented through the lifeline technique, reprogramming the stinking thinking happening between your ears! That is what is creating all that stress and tension. Our false interpretation of the of the world, due to a skewed perspective from outdated family and cultural modeling. Unwind that and receive an upgrade, it’s time to make life sublime.

For me that means breaking out of the fear of judgment of myself and others, stepping into my truth that I can speak to the world and be vulnerable. Yet also remaining humble (grateful) so that the goodness of the world and others in it can still be absorbed.

Whatever level you’re at, if you put the work in you, will get results; in the gym, in the kitchen and in the mind. Meditation, prayer and affirmation can reprogram it all!

Do nothing and remain the same. The choice is yours.

Join us this Sunday at 3 PM! Bring your intentions to the table and bless the parts of you that are resisting with love and gratitude.

Until then keep growing in love that’s all there is to it.

Dr. Alexander Gilmore
Lisa Gilmore

Let’s take a deep dive into a LifeLine!!

There is, or was.. a past part of myself that was programmed for creating anger and depression, pain and dysfunction. That pattern or program has been running the show in the background for my entire life, at least some of the time that is what the subconscious part of myself knew. Today is the day that has changed. Today I consciously choose being guided and grateful, which make me feel energized, focused and alive! I choose this with INFINITE LOVE AND GRATITUDE to all the past parts of myself that have other programming and have been choosing other things. I have overcome and set a new intention starting now!! This new intention had many layers of limiting beliefs and a broken will that was a protective reflex within my spirit when I was unable to choose love in that traumatic moment as a 3 year old child. This 3 year old self didn’t have the tools, strategies and support needed to properly process the experience of others and myself when things weren’t going how I thought or wanted. I believe it stemmed from an argument my parents had. As a sensitive 3 year old I just absorbed that program.. The mercy is that now that I do have the tools, strategies and support through LifeLine I have set a new intention in motion. This will recreate my body mind and spirit and change the very expression of my DNA and therefore my life. Creating a new personal reality because my personality has changed. I will no longer react with the same depression and anger but rather choose feeling energized, focused and alive. This is freedom in action and allows my spirit to soar. What will your next intention be? What subconscious program can you rewire? Let’s do this!!

Group LifeLine session this Saturday August 26th. 3pm

Quoted from Dr Darren Weismann

“Love has no match when it comes to creatively activating your peak human potential. Unlock the key to the pharmacy within you. Discover and claim the treasures buried deep within. The mountain to climb is not outside of you, but rather the internal resistance you’ve bought into as negative self-talk, doubt, and limiting beliefs. Suppressed patterns of fear, separation, and oppression have become an identity crisis.

Rise up! Open your angel wings and step into your grace-filled heart. There’s something in the air. Your soul is longing for a deep and full breath. Take it in and now let it go! Feel it rising within YOU. You’re awake and on purpose. The time is NOW. Walk your talk with love and levity. Sing with mercy and magnificence. Stand tall in your integrity and emotional intelligence. March for truth and togetherness. You’re a one-of-a-kind inspiration. Get up… Stand up… You’re making a huge difference when you do.

Are you ready to experience more? You will manifest strength and resilience in how you think and feel about yourself and the world you are a part of by joining the LifeLine session. Bring JOY back into your life.

The LifeLine Healing Circle will empower you to:

• Live your life with daily intention

• Change limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in the same old patterns

• Listen to your heart and take confident action steps

• Process emotions so you can live with inner peace and contentment

• Heal loss and trauma.. and more!

You can experience this power of transformational inner work to shift what no longer serves you into your heart’s greatest desires.


You are a walking hard drive.  The amount of information that is, and can be stored in your DNA is as vast as time itself. Actually, 13.5 billion years worth of information, which turns out to be exactly how old the universe purportedly is. In fact, scientists George Church and Sriram Kosuri were able to download 433 petabytes of information into 1 gram of DNA alone.  That was 70 billion ebooks! Extrapolate that out and you get that the entire universe of information is literally inside of you. This is not a joke! 

The memory of all your ancestors and more is stored inside your body, this is perpetuated genetically and epigenetically!  Everything that was here at the beginning is still here as well, every atom.  The law of thermodynamics teaches us that matter and energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form. 

The epigenetic memories that are stored here can explain phobias and fears and triggers that may seem unreasonable and certainly manifest unconsciously.  There’s that word again, “conciousness” and the subconscious.  One of the main reasons we need to reprogram, not to leave out the majority of our current lifetimes programming that happened from conception to age 7. Understand this, and I’ll see you at the next group LifeLine Session where we can get some reprogramming done at the speed of thought and with the power of infinite love and gratitude!!

As Always… May Your Days Be Filled With Infinite Love AND Gratitude

Dr Alexander Gilmore

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Do you control your thoughts, or do your thoughts control you?
Sow a thought, reap an action.
Sow an action, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a character.
Sow a character, reap and eternal destiny.
What happens before thought? Where do your thoughts come from? Unfortunately most people don’t know the truth is that your thoughts come from your subconscious mind which can be difficult to penetrate and uncover. Most of this subconscious is programs of biological survival and other cultural and social programs that are inoculated into your mind mostly from the ages of 0-6 years. Many people get stuck in these limiting patterns of behavior that can rob joy from life and create ill health suffering and disease.
Now is an opportunity for all of humanity/ Gods children on earth to wake up to the divinity within that can change these patterns through the power of God which is infinite love and gratitude. As you apply this infinite power to the exact areas needed, where you have internalized, lost, denied or disconnected from, the pattern of suffering can be broken and a new life can emerge.
What areas of your life are you experiencing something less then perfection? Are you willing to grow and change? Come set an intention deeply into your being through a Group LifeLine session this Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Join us live or virtually via Zoom. Your energy can make a difference not only through personal growth and influencing those in your immediate circle, but also through quantum entanglement to everyone everywhere.

“An amygdala hijack refers to a personal, emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat”.   
– Coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ 

 As you can imagine, getting hijacked is not ideal if you want to establish new habits, behaviors and strategies to achieve your dreams. 

Well, LifeLine is a very powerful process so you can say  “I don’t negotiate with terrorists, or make deals with the devil” 

Ps. Do you feel you have something specific holding you back? Read More