Do this and make everything else easier or unnecessary.. (my answer was eat more coconut oil) Is this also the magic bullet for weight loss/optimal weight and strength?

After listening to this podcast I immediately ordered and now just finished a profound book that I know has and will continue to change my life for the better! (podcast Ben Pakulski and Check this out it can help you too. The principle increases productivity and will remind you that doing the small thing can lead to the big change.  Find the smallest thing you can do such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary. Transform any area of your life by asking this focusing question. Here’s how I got the answer.. 

I was riding in my truck on the way to a moving job with a young man who just moved up from Alabama, he has been in a foster family there since he was very young.  He is now in his late teens and came to live with his biological mother.  I asked him the question as I am always trying to support people in being their best.  His answer came down to his memory, he felt if he could improve his memory that his life would be better.  So the process has you ask the question again and again until you find that small thing you can do preferably right now, or on a daily habitual basis.  The lesson is that you decide your habits you decide your future. What’s the one thing you can do that would improve your memory? Well in this case he was talking to me and I could guide him in some great options.  There are of course hundreds of things you could do, but we were looking for something he CAN do.  Now taking a tablespoon or 3 of coconut oil each day is a simple action that can have a profound result, making the small incremental change in eating habits will influence the future for the better. (pause for a sec and go get some coconut oil right now) …….me getting up walking back to my shelf and opening up a jar of coconut oil to eat it right now…… Me sitting back down writing the above and realizing I can also do some oil pulling with it for oral health etc…(a topic for another day).

Eating coconut oil and other healthy oils including MCT (medium chain tryglycerides and such) can encourage a ketogenic state in the body, pushing some crappy carbs out of your diet and offering more clean burning ketones. I recently learned that eating more omega 3s can also improve performance and energy. I knew it could help this indirectly by lowering inflammation but they literally burn cleaner and more efficiently and have been proven to increase endurance.  Back to the optimal body fat % and weight loss topic, Dr Shallenberger recently shared this article… The summary is 3 tablespoons a day  of coconut oil is a Silver bullet for weight loss.

Till next time.. Stay in Infinite Love and Gratitude!

Take a deep breath…. Let it go… Feel better

Have you experienced breath work?  Occasionally I will find a patient who I haven’t taught about Wim Hof. I often tell them you should fire me! This technique is one of the best I have seen in years, free to use and profoundly powerful.

If you needed a reminder of just how much you can do with breath, don’t hesitate to check out these links,  including some of my favorites on Wim Hof, Joe Dispenza and Tony Robbins on breathing.

How to NEVER Get Sick Again – The WIM HOF “Iceman” Method – #NeverSick

This dudes passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled!  I integrate this with a little Tony Robbins morning ritual  and  some 4 minute workout principles from Zac Bush and supernatural breathing ala Joe Dispesnza.  Enjoy and transform your life to the next level!

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #36 – Wim Hof with Jordan Peterson

Tony Robbins Guided Morning Routine (Watch This Video EVERY MORNING)

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

I often add a little 4 minute workout with the breath work ala Zach Bush, your welcome to level up the intensity on any of these exercises as well.

Keto Cheesecake Bites

I had several requests for this recipe from those of you who attended our Extravaganza! Here it is:

1 package cream cheese
1/4 cup granulated monk fruit
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. vanilla

Beat the first 2 ingredients together and let sit for 5 min. while the monk fruit dissolves.
Add the whipping cream and vanilla and continue beating till firm peaks/ridges form.
Spread into a pie tin or bread loaf pan and stick in the freezer. Cut and eat!

My brother and competition

While doing a BrainTap session yesterday, Dr. Patrick Porter led me through a meditation to free up mental space. I was doing this to improve my memory capabilities, but ended up getting way more out of it than that! Here’s the NLP exercise he led me through:

  1. Think of the first positive memory you can consciously connect to.
    For me, I remembered my brother (who’s just a year younger than me) and myself sitting on the living room floor playing together.
  2. Add lots of color to the picture, making it active and bright.
  3. Add background music like a movie would.
  4. Enjoy your little movie for a moment.
  5. Bring that positive, happy moment in life forward to today.
  6. If you have any negative memories pop up along the way, take a black and white snapshot of the memory and place it behind you in your museum or library of experiences and refocus on the positive memory again.

This exercise allows you to keep your negative experiences where you need them (for conscious reference and learning), rather than being run by them subconsciously. It frees up your mind to move forward in a positive way.
This was my first time using this exercise, and I found it helpful. First of all, I felt incredible love for my brother. He recently moved to Pennsylvania and I no longer see him in person, but we share a special bond that this exercise brought back to my remembrance. As I pondered the experience of sitting on the floor playing with him, I also noticed how comfortable and non-threatening competition was at that age. We invented little games and races, played board and card games, just having fun challenging each other. Somewhere in life, I lost that. Today, I almost despise competition. What happened?
Now that I had witnessed a positive memory of competition, I asked myself what my first negative memory of competition was. I remembered an experience in 7th grade.

I was first chair clarinet in band and had been invited by my teacher to go to a district wide honor band. The best middle school musicians, including 8th graders, came together to audition for a seat in this weekend long band. This being the first time I had ever done this, and most others there being 8th graders, I was terrified as I entered the audition room. The auditioner seemed gruff and cold. I was asked to play some scales and perform sight reading, all of which I was normally good at. But my fingers were shaking and my breath was shallow from nerves. I didn’t do well at all. But I comforted myself that at least it was over. I didn’t anticipate the feeling of humiliation that would flood over me as they announced the seats and I was dead last. I had never experienced humiliation before. I had always excelled at school and music and did fine in sports. When my parents and grandparents showed up for the concert that night, I burst into tears, telling them that I was last chair. They did their best to comfort me, which helped some. Grammy said, “You know, when you’re at the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.” That stuck with me, but I made sure from then on that I would never be at the bottom again.

This small trauma in my life robbed me of the joy of competition. From then on, life was serious. I had to practice, prepare, and work harder than others to keep myself from “failing.” Now, as an adult who’s trying to raise happy, healthy, conscious children, I’ve naturally worked through some of that in order to counsel and advise them when it comes to competition. I think our culture has missed the truth about competition as well. But I also realize my gut reaction whenever there’s competition in an area I don’t feel good at. I rarely engage. I withdraw. Such protective mechanisms (that limit the humiliation, but also limit the joy)! But I think that with that positive experience with my brother anchored in mind now, I can retrain myself to look at competition in a healthy way.
The truth is that there is no bottom and there is no top, only progression. There is no failure, only experience. Time to do a LifeLine session on myself.

A revelation on toxicity

It seems each of my children have come to teach me something about how to be a better father and a better doctor. As you would expect, helping to heal their health challenges has been a great motivation for me. It seems each one taught me something different and how to be better. I also feel like every person I touch, even in the office can present a new set of problems and challenges that support the growth of each consciousness involved.

When my son was just four years old he contracted an illness of a mysterious nature that seemed to last longer and more intense than it should. After having been fatigued and lethargic for 3 days in a row, running high fevers and just not even moving,  my level of concern was escalated. I was consistently checking and treating him, primarily finding a virus infection that would not stay cleared. Each time I checked it would be back even after making my greatest attempts to awaken his  immune system and use acupuncture energies and more to help clear the condition. So I finally made a commitment to myself in the interest of protecting his life to take him to another doctor and get some outside help. I told myself that I would check him one more time and if he didn’t turn around quickly then I would pull the trigger and get some help, somewhere, anywhere even an emergency room or whatever it took. (At this point in my life none of my children had been to another doctor when I was around.) I knelt silently beside him and began to check him over using kinesiology to ask his body what the real issue was; it came up as an allergy,  inhaled, and lead. I thought, “Inhaled lead where does that come from? There’s lead in our air?” And a thought came to me in the back of my head or perhaps from outside me “China”. I thought, “Bio- Warfare from China? Is that what this is?… Nah!” I dismissed it immediately. I cleared him for allergy to lead,  along with the virus and he responded almost immediately. The fever broke and he began to show signs of life again. I wondered where this inhaled lead would have come from. The very next day however I was treating a patient in the office whose body told me; allergy to inhaled cadmium. I knew that came from cigarette smoke but then I realized it also came from coal smoke and coal burning. I thought it was just local coal burning in our valley where an inversion would happen and the neighbor above us would burn coal and our house would get surrounded with a smoke cloud so thick you could almost see it, but certainly smell it. Not only  lead and cadmium, but also arsenic, thallium, mercury and other toxic metals. Later that summer however a miraculous happening in my life occurred at a simple seminar. Dr. Dan Murphy was teaching and he said that if we all stopped driving our cars today it would have little to no effect on pollution levels on our planet. The majority of pollution comes from burning the cheapest dirtiest fuel we can find which is coal. And new industrialized nation like China, (China I thought I heard this somewhere else.) A new industrialized nation like China puts up a new power plant every week, and the air currents land in the Western United States. This is why mercury levels on top of 14000 foot mountains are hundreds of times what they used to be. I was amazed and grateful and knew that we were onto something when we were treating inhaled allergy to toxic metals. Toxic metals seem to open the doorway for infection in the body especially when it is an allergy and not just a toxicity. The difference is in the quantity that causes a reaction. And in an allergy case the smallest amount can cause a significant reaction in the body. Which we know heavy metals do anyway with small amounts being very poisonous. But then add the allergy component to it and you really have something catastrophic. At this point I’m super grateful that we had my father-in-law  help make a homeopathic remedy that winter. I requested that he crawl onto his roof because he burned coal as well. He took a quart jar with a little water in it and began to capture some smoke over and over again and then shake it up in the jar with a little water. From these beginnings we developed an antidote, a homeopathic remedy that would help program people’s bodies, reminding them to remove the toxins from coal smoke.
In addition to the long list of problems caused by toxic metals in and of themselves, to our mitochondria, energy production systems, and as I have mentioned immune systems. We also have the genetic component as lead toxicity can block an enzyme known as GAD, this enzyme converts the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate into the calming, relaxing, I’m no longer overwhelmed, neurotransmitter GABA. You may have heard of monosodium glutamate and many of its negative effects, including as an obesogen, used in studies to make mice fat to study obesity. It is also excitatory to the nervous system and the glutamate excess can cause microglial activation (damage to supportive brain cells). Inflammation and pain can also be associated with excess glutamate along with extreme anxiety and sleep problems including insomnia. Thankfully there are strategies we can use to optimize the function of the enzyme, the mineral manganese can help the function of the GAD enzyme. In addition removing lead from the body can also help, as lead specifically blocks this enzymes function. Other issues associated with lead were taught to me by none other than Gary Gordon some have called him the father of chelation therapy on the planet. He said that we all have 1000-2000 times the amount of lead in our bones as our ancestors 700 years ago before the Industrial Revolution. This lead contributes to all causes of morbidity and mortality and is the highest predictive value of any test. This means that if you want to predict if someone will die or catch any disease you simply measure the level of lead in their bones and the higher the number the more likely it will be. Lead is specifically associated with heart disease and cataract formation. Removing toxic metals from the body is of utmost importance for optimal function, prevention of disease, and healing. 

Removing Toxic Metals

I have learned at least eight strategies that can help remove these metals. One of the simplest and most powerful is to use specific homeopathics according to your body and its priorities. Many times a year you may find the coal smoke remedy that we have developed is that priority. As a general recommendation I think everyone should take it for three weeks in a row to begin with and then take a week off and cycle back on again for another week or so. Homeopathics are always best with cycling and this allows the body to replenish its ability to detoxify the metals and not just have them recirculate throughout the system. 
In addition to using homeopathics, replacing minerals is extremely important in this day of depleted soils and rampant mineral deficiencies. Most notable perhaps being magnesium and then zinc for men and iron for women, also important minerals like manganese and other trace and ultra minerals as all trace minerals are deficient in our diets which can be attained through high quality salts (SOLE). I mention manganese once again because of its ability to support the GAD enzyme, I’ve seen sleep improve and calmness come again just from this one mineral. It also helps in the rebuilding of cartilage in the body and the pituitary gland and prevention of glaucoma. However one need not take it in large amounts if it is not indicated by their body and it’s genetics. Mineral replacement will also push out and dilute out the toxic metals. The solution to pollution is dilution according to one philosophy. Also enough of the healthy minerals in the binding sites of co-factors and enzymes in the body will not allow for the absorption and detrimental effects of toxic metals which clog binding sites and disrupt enzyme function. 
A third important strategy for detoxifying metals is taking healthy oils ensuring that the gallbladder liver bile flow is optimized as we know 90% of methyl Mercury is detoxified through the bile duct. Other pathways of detoxification are the skin, the lungs and the kidneys. High levels of healthy fiber can bind metals and ensure colon function, preventing the reabsorption of those metals through enterohepatic circulation. When the liver releases something into the intestines that is later reabsorbed.
A fourth important strategy can be the allergy elimination or desensitization process that is performed in the office as a practitioner harmonizes your body to a substance that causes disharmony when introduced into your field. This can program your body to selectively release and detoxify that substance. 
The fifth strategy is the utilization of oral and or IV chelation agents such as EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) for lead, DMSA (dimercapto succinic acid) for mercury and other things that support glutathione pathways and other detoxification; a favorite of mine is heavy metal support from Thorne research. This has been frequently matched to eliminate aluminum and also supports nickel, tin and other metals that can be toxic to the body that are not quite as heavy as lead and mercury. On the topic of lead we should mention the concept of Base toxin as discovered by a good colleague of mine, this concept applies to the lowest heaviest toxin that is clogging the pathways for the body. This base toxin is commonly lead and he frequency matched a simple herb known as Gambier leaf for the removal of lead in a gentle and powerful way. It seems to work very well and I am currently looking for a good source of Gambier leaf.  I personally have also seen that flaxseed oil is often indicated when lead is the priority metal.  A sixth strategy is an energy foot bath to put negative ions into the body, these ions can neutralize and potentially pull out the positive ions that metals are within the body. This energy foot bath can also be used while in an infrared sauna which is a sixth strategy to remove toxic metals through a parasympathetic sweating that happens in a meditative or relaxed state inside a sauna much more effectively then when sweating in other ways as through exercise for instance. In addition, infrared saunas can penetrate the body 2 to 3 inches and reach deeper into toxic stores of metals within the body to liberate them. This is better than the use of a typical sauna you might find in a gym where the air is very hot but the penetration is very little. That’s why I do recommend home use of infrared saunas. 
An eighth strategy is the use of cold laser therapy to energize and support the release through increased circulation to detoxify heavy metals, possibly through nitric oxide optimization. Get scheduled today to find out how to optimize your health call 970-856-3545.  In a future article we will address some of the specific toxic effects of these metals.

As Always… May Your Day Be Filled With Infinite Love And Gratitude.

Dr Alexander Gilmore.

How to beat gravity and win, Simple strategies for decompression.

This is based on the process I learned as 5 second decompressions, an article I read in a chiropractic newspaper said that office workers who did a 5 second decompression every 15 minutes increased the height/ length of their spine. This is performed by lifting your body slightly by pressing your hands down onto the sides of your chair, you can use your fist or chair handles to facilitate the process and then simply hold for 5 seconds. I like to take a deep breath and allow the natural pressure changes that happen in the thoracic and abdominal cavities to pump the lymphatics and therefore the discs of the spine.  Never underestimate the power of a conscious breath in focusing your energy and intent to allow healing.   
       After having taught 5 second decompression to all my patients for many years I have come up with multiple variations on the process to make it easy to do and remember.  I like to especially remind people of the power of listening to your body as in an orthopedic observational sign called the minors sign.  Patients who have a disc problem will often come into the office and sit in a posture known as minor sign, this is them using their arms and hands to take pressure off the low back discs whenever they sit, they may be leaning to one side as well or just pushing down on the table when they sit.  So just the natural process of listening to the body( blog post needed here) can reveal the power and simplicity of this process.  
         Now just a month or two ago a patient brought in a device called the lo-bak tracs, check out the commercial of this fancy pair of handlebars below. Recognize that with few exceptions the handlebars are not necessary and perhaps even less effective then just using your own body to do the process as I describe below.  I have seen a couple of patients who have shorter arms where the device could be helpful, but reaching low into the groin or using a block or other implement can be just as effective. I have begun to call this the supine 5 second decompression, supine just means laying on your back. The fancy device seems superfluous and even takes away the mechanical advantage of the elbow making it harder to push, plus you can do this without carrying around the cumbersome tool. Once in the morning and once in the evening is a good start but more frequently may be the most important variable to creating success.  I have a recent patient who has an X-Ray taken that demonstrates the most common compression in the body at L5, this disc dehydrates and shrinks.  I’m looking forward to having him recheck in a year or so to see this disc fully hydrated and healthy.  

Use your hands on your thighs…Just lay on your back bend your knees up and push on your thighs. I would do it at the very least in the morning and evening. Maybe hold for 5-20 seconds and do it 5-10 times.  Breath deeply to facilitate the process of re-hydrating your discs and decompressing you spine. 
       One limitation of this technique is that it is limited to the lower spine, decompression of the body as a whole can be an important priority as well. We’ll cover other techniques in future posts. Thanks for reading this. God bless you in your healing process and life!