Take a deep breath…. Let it go… Feel better

Have you experienced breath work?  Occasionally I will find a patient who I haven’t taught about Wim Hof. I often tell them you should fire me! This technique is one of the best I have seen in years, free to use and profoundly powerful.

If you needed a reminder of just how much you can do with breath, don’t hesitate to check out these links,  including some of my favorites on Wim Hof, Joe Dispenza and Tony Robbins on breathing.

How to NEVER Get Sick Again – The WIM HOF “Iceman” Method – #NeverSick

This dudes passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled!  I integrate this with a little Tony Robbins morning ritual  and  some 4 minute workout principles from Zac Bush and supernatural breathing ala Joe Dispesnza.  Enjoy and transform your life to the next level!

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #36 – Wim Hof with Jordan Peterson

Tony Robbins Guided Morning Routine (Watch This Video EVERY MORNING)

Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing

I often add a little 4 minute workout with the breath work ala Zach Bush, your welcome to level up the intensity on any of these exercises as well.