A Slave to Programming

Sow a thought, reap an action.
Sow an action, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a character.
Sow a character, reap and eternal destiny.

What happens before thought? Where do your thoughts come from? Unfortunately most people don’t know the truth is that your thoughts come from your subconscious mind which can be difficult to penetrate and uncover. Most of this subconscious is from programs of biological survival and other cultural and social programs that are inoculated into your mind mostly from the ages of 0-6 years. Many people get stuck in these limiting patterns of behavior that can rob joy from life and create ill health suffering and disease.

Now is an opportunity for all of humanity/ Gods children on earth to wake up to the divinity within that can change these patterns through the power of God which is infinite love and gratitude. As you apply this infinite power to the exact areas needed, where you have internalized, lost, denied or disconnected from, the pattern of suffering can be broken and a new life can emerge.

What areas of your life are you experiencing something less then perfection? Are you willing to grow and change? Come set an intention deeply into your being through a Group LifeLine session this Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Join us live or virtually via Zoom. Your energy can make a difference not only through personal growth and influencing those in your immediate circle, but also through quantum entanglement to everyone everywhere.

“An amygdala hijack refers to a personal, emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat”.   
– Coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ 

 As you can imagine, getting hijacked is not ideal if you want to establish new habits, behaviors and strategies to achieve your dreams. 

Well, LifeLine is a very powerful process so you can say  “I don’t negotiate with terrorists, or make deals with the devil” 

Ps. Do you feel you have something specific holding you back? Read More

I AM free, flying high, feeling alive!  I AM strong and confident feeling alive!  I AM enthusiastic filled with the love of God feeling amazing! I AM experiencing ease and joy in every aspect of my life feeling purposeful! Infinite Love and Gratitude.

What is your life’s purpose? Are you fulfilling it with intention?  These are just some of the intentions I have had deeply programmed into my subconscious. They have been set in direct opposition to specific challenges I was experiencing at the time.  I also continue to draw strength and courage from these and other intentions that are programmed deep into my psyche by clearing limiting beliefs that needed to be knocked down, unraveled and released.

Conflict causes dissension, only through connection can we flourish.  Come join us as we experience the miraculous process of LifeLine with Lisa to live more intentionally and perform the inner work required for true personal growth and change. 

SAVE THE DATE… January 29th 3pm, Attend in person or via ZOOM as we work together for a better tomorrow.

#1. Improved self-confidence

#2. A different perspective

#3. Heightened self-awareness

#4. Create a balanced life

#5. Foster better relationships 

#6. Follow through on commitments

#7. Eliminate bad habits

#8. Achieve goals- doable, concrete, realistic 

#9. Discover clarity of purpose#10. Find Happiness

Total Family Wellness and Divine Connections Ministry together with Dr. Alexander and Lisa Gilmore  Present

A Group LifeLine® Session

This is a FREE event, the more people who participate the better effect we will have on healing our community and beyond. If you participate in person, you’re welcome to bring a healthy snack to share.

With infinite love and gratitude we invite you to participate in a group intention setting process.  Expand and grow your consciousness like never before.  We hope to fully activate the maharishi effect ( the prayer/meditative effect decreasing violence in a given region) as hundreds of people unite to bring a peace that will surpass understanding to heal humanity of destructive patterns inherited from our past. Isn’t it time we started creating/bringing heaven to earth? Are you divinely connected? Can you enhance your connection to the Divine?  We seek the most benevolent outcome and highest good and healing for all in this event. Learn about and take your abundant life score and allow change and growth to be evident as you release the subconscious and reconnect to internalized/denied/and disconnected power centers of heart, mind and will. Are you fully connected to your divine mission and purposes? Is your body free from pain, the effects of sin (death)? If we love enough and connect to infinite Source completely, will we extend our lives and become more Godlike? What will that look like? It is said that our ancient fathers lived nigh upon 1000 years, is it possible today?  How about just experiencing a more joyful existence now and healing ourselves and the planet at the same time? We all think that we perceive the truth, however perhaps we perceive what we believe instead.  Limiting beliefs passed down through generations and cultural programs inhibit the full expression of our divine connections.  Upgrade, shift, and reprogram your limiting beliefs now be empowered to change. Come set and fulfill your own intention and reprogram your sub/superconscious mind to create a more abundant life. Achieve lifetimes of spiritual and personal growth in a compressed time, a fast pass to infinite love and gratitude in your life.

Divine Connections Ministry

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My short story

I’ve been on a journey the last few days. My daughter reminded me from a psychology book she’s been reading that 80% of physical ailments have a significant emotional component. I’ve been trying lots of different vitamins and therapies to reduce the inflammation (arthritis like) in my left fingers. With that reminder, I looked up arthritis/fingers in 2 different books that I have: “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” and “The Secret Language of Your Body.” One of the emotional contributors listed was, “Holding on to anger, shame, or resentment from childhood.” There were others as well, but as I muscle-tested myself on which one was the priority issue for me, that’s the one that stood out. But truthfully, I consider myself blessed with a wonderful childhood so I had a hard time connecting to anything to work with.

Later the same day, I ran across a “homework assignment” that I use with clients that I haven’t done myself, so I decided to do it. It’s called, “write your own short story,” and is an exercise in which you write about a time in your life from a 3rd person view (someone else telling the story). Here’s what came out of my fingers on onto the keyboard on my computer:

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved all things. She was bright, cheerful, and excited to live every day. She felt loved and protected by her family and knew that she was cared for. But she also learned that life is painful. Chronic ear infections plagued her sense of peace and security. The pain was unbearable at times. Her hearing began to slip away without her (or her loved ones) even noticing until she couldn’t fit nicely into her world anymore. Something had to be done. Fitted with a hearing aid, she felt disconnected from all others, knowing that she was different and physically incapable of being like the others. She compensated well, having already learned lip-reading and the hearing aid helped in so many ways, so that she could appear normal (her new goal in life).

With time, the ear infections dwindled, but she now knew that pain was a reality of life. She continued with her goal of appearing normal, even better than normal—trying to be the very best at the things she could excel at (and avoiding the things she didn’t know she could excel at or even enjoy). She always, always wore her hair down (to hide the hearing aid) and worried when she had to wear her hair up for sports. But no one seemed to notice. A boy complimented her once (age 16 or 17) and said she should wear her hair up more, but she felt embarrassed and insecure that he noticed, and that a style change meant exposing her vulnerability (difference/weakness). And did that mean her hair didn’t look nice down? Those insecurities plagued her into adulthood but with them also came a gift. Because of needing to lip read, she learned to focus, really focus on the person speaking. She became an excellent listener. She also learned compassion for others and their struggles. In time, the insecurities weakened and the gifts strengthened, and she became a girl who is bright, cheerful and excited to live every day…again.”

This was a powerful exercise for me. I’ve lived with the hearing loss for 40 years now and don’t think about it much any more…it’s just a part of life. I didn’t remember the level of shame and pain that accompanied that time in my life. But my fingers remember! But today they are feeling better; I’m experiencing less pain and stiffness than yesterday.

If you’d like to write your own story and share it here, I’d love to hear it. Thanks for reading mine!

Infinite love and gratitude,


Keto Cheesecake Bites

I had several requests for this recipe from those of you who attended our Extravaganza! Here it is:

1 package cream cheese
1/4 cup granulated monk fruit
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 tsp. vanilla

Beat the first 2 ingredients together and let sit for 5 min. while the monk fruit dissolves.
Add the whipping cream and vanilla and continue beating till firm peaks/ridges form.
Spread into a pie tin or bread loaf pan and stick in the freezer. Cut and eat!

My brother and competition

While doing a BrainTap session yesterday, Dr. Patrick Porter led me through a meditation to free up mental space. I was doing this to improve my memory capabilities, but ended up getting way more out of it than that! Here’s the NLP exercise he led me through:

  1. Think of the first positive memory you can consciously connect to.
    For me, I remembered my brother (who’s just a year younger than me) and myself sitting on the living room floor playing together.
  2. Add lots of color to the picture, making it active and bright.
  3. Add background music like a movie would.
  4. Enjoy your little movie for a moment.
  5. Bring that positive, happy moment in life forward to today.
  6. If you have any negative memories pop up along the way, take a black and white snapshot of the memory and place it behind you in your museum or library of experiences and refocus on the positive memory again.

This exercise allows you to keep your negative experiences where you need them (for conscious reference and learning), rather than being run by them subconsciously. It frees up your mind to move forward in a positive way.
This was my first time using this exercise, and I found it helpful. First of all, I felt incredible love for my brother. He recently moved to Pennsylvania and I no longer see him in person, but we share a special bond that this exercise brought back to my remembrance. As I pondered the experience of sitting on the floor playing with him, I also noticed how comfortable and non-threatening competition was at that age. We invented little games and races, played board and card games, just having fun challenging each other. Somewhere in life, I lost that. Today, I almost despise competition. What happened?
Now that I had witnessed a positive memory of competition, I asked myself what my first negative memory of competition was. I remembered an experience in 7th grade.

I was first chair clarinet in band and had been invited by my teacher to go to a district wide honor band. The best middle school musicians, including 8th graders, came together to audition for a seat in this weekend long band. This being the first time I had ever done this, and most others there being 8th graders, I was terrified as I entered the audition room. The auditioner seemed gruff and cold. I was asked to play some scales and perform sight reading, all of which I was normally good at. But my fingers were shaking and my breath was shallow from nerves. I didn’t do well at all. But I comforted myself that at least it was over. I didn’t anticipate the feeling of humiliation that would flood over me as they announced the seats and I was dead last. I had never experienced humiliation before. I had always excelled at school and music and did fine in sports. When my parents and grandparents showed up for the concert that night, I burst into tears, telling them that I was last chair. They did their best to comfort me, which helped some. Grammy said, “You know, when you’re at the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.” That stuck with me, but I made sure from then on that I would never be at the bottom again.

This small trauma in my life robbed me of the joy of competition. From then on, life was serious. I had to practice, prepare, and work harder than others to keep myself from “failing.” Now, as an adult who’s trying to raise happy, healthy, conscious children, I’ve naturally worked through some of that in order to counsel and advise them when it comes to competition. I think our culture has missed the truth about competition as well. But I also realize my gut reaction whenever there’s competition in an area I don’t feel good at. I rarely engage. I withdraw. Such protective mechanisms (that limit the humiliation, but also limit the joy)! But I think that with that positive experience with my brother anchored in mind now, I can retrain myself to look at competition in a healthy way.
The truth is that there is no bottom and there is no top, only progression. There is no failure, only experience. Time to do a LifeLine session on myself.