Is this the most advance Hydration ever? “Goldilocks water”

A new company is launching this month and the promotion is incredible, a FREE case of their product shipped direct to you, and you don’t even have to pay shipping if you get your request in before April 19th!

Manoj Bhargava is the man behind 5 hour energy and as a multibillionaire he is trying to make the world a better place. His latest challenge was to solve the looming water crisis, and he has succeeded in developing a breakthrough that will do the job! He already feeds millions of children (with the stipulation that they have to go to school to “earn” their meal). Now he has potentially saved millions of lives with this new water purification system.

This ultrapure water is the beginning of the new product called Cellular Hydration, with the addition of key minerals and amino acids at very specific concentrations. [a term used is osmolality or osmolarity]. The level of around 200 allows for ideal absorption into your body..

Below is more details links etc from my good friend Chris Kinney.

 Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a Good Friday!! This text/email may be lengthy, but please read it all.

Please be sure to include name, address, city state (in 2 letter abbreviation), zip, email and phone number in the following format 123-123-1234, and which type of water Unsweetened or Sweetened . [the sweetening is sucralose so I have been recommending unsweetened]

Submissions are currently running approximately 2 weeks behind from when received.

Intracellular hydration vs normal hydration- we are the only ones who are able to do it without sodium and sugar. We are the only no sodium, no sugar Intracellular hydration product available. 

Normal hydration is extra-cellular, meaning it passes through you. That’s why when we drink lots of water, it passes through us. We are not like that. We have the perfect osmolality of 200 for intracellular hydration. Water has an osmolality of 10. The World Health Organization has come out and said the optimum osmolality is between 180-260, so we’re just right. That’s why we affectionately call it “Goldilocks water”  

Video- Everything you know about hydration Here is the edited recording from  4/4/2024  SMALL  Zoom call with Manoj.
HOW TOO >> 8 Minute zoom Michael, Laura & I did 4/2/2024 Ordering Launch Pack until 4/8 ( in video format ) 

Here is a new form to use until 4/19 to be able to send out 2 cases of free product with free shipping. Use this form for each person you want to send product to. Send a Free True Hydration Sample

Send a Free True Hydration Sample Now through April 19, Truly Essential Partners can send free 12-pack samples (one of each flavor) of True Hydration to customers to introduce them to the product. Please use the form below to send a free sample.

Here is where we order Launch Pack offers good until April 8th [extended to 19th] now  >> ( Must be a PARTNER)

Not a Partner yet ? Sign up FOR FREE at scroll down to  click on  “APPLY” than search for your sponsors last name .
Team Zoom Recording 3/28/24 With Michael & Paula  >>

This very interesting: . ( watch video below ) This company is called True Essentials based in Detroit. This is backed by Manoj Bhargava who is worth about $5 billion. He is the founder of the famous 5 hour energy product which has been a gigantic success. He also owns 14 other companies including parade magazine and 50 other magazines, a pharmaceutical division, Alzheimer’s therapy centers, water division, 4 tv stations including a 24 hr news channel, sports channel, German tv channel and home shopping network. For our water hydration, beauty, weight loss and sleep products, we have just launched a Direct Sales co. with a very attractive earnings opportunity. We’ve hired the best veterans in the industry to run the business and are now looking for top leaders to take advantage of the ground floor opportunity. 

BILLIONS in Change video ( click) 

This is the Corporate Zoom recording 3/28…at least as they go over the launch packs in the beginning it is very clear:

For anyone going to the pre-lauch in Detroit...
Fly in on Thursday, April 18th for an all day event on Friday April19Th
( Up to $500 Reimbursement for each person for flights)  
Hotel for the event is Courtyard by Marriott Detroit Farmington Hills, 33043 Hamilton Ct, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.
Phone number for the hotel is 248-516-1400.                        You can reserve a room using group code SIR (company is Simplify Inventions).

What is your Programming? By Lisa Gilmore

Computer Programmers

I used to hear and repeat the idea that:  “You can’t control what happens to you, but you always have a choice in how you respond.”  I now believe that only partially.  I’ve learned that I/we all have programs running that cause us to act automatically in certain ways.  If something happens automatically, there’s no conscious thinking involved; therefore, how can one choose a reaction before an automatic one happens?  Sometimes there is no choice.  So the key to conscious living (one that is intentional and full of choice) is found in the programming.

Just like a computer, our programming can change as well.  

Sometimes the computer just updates, making minor changes to keep things functioning smoothly.

Sometimes new programs are created to fit a need or desire of a community.

Sometimes the computer crashes and renders much of it useless.

How do we change our programming–our automatic responses that no longer serve us, those we love, or the world at large?

Let’s begin by changing our language.  Let’s begin to take ownership of the life we’re living.  We often do things we don’t want to do because of obligation, duty, sacrifice, or love.  And those can be honorable choices, so I didn’t include “I want to” in the list below as I believe choosing is more powerful than wanting.

Instead of: Change to:

“I have to…” “I choose to…” or “I choose not to…”

“I should…” “I choose to…” or “I choose not to…”

“I don’t have enough (money, time, etc)” “I choose other priorities”

“I can’t” “I choose not to” or “I can’t…yet!”

Next, let’s begin to be aware of what programs we’re running.  Many programs are designed for survival, to keep us safe.  In fact, we are hardwired for survival.  The limbic brain is the part of the brain that holds the “fight, flight, or freeze” response.  Thanks to the hippocampus and amygdala, our memories are stored in such a way that the most traumatic ones are kept alive and waiting for us to pull from to keep us wary of other similar experiences.  The normal, daily, happy life experiences get stored in long term memory. The traumatic ones stay in short term memory and become the programs that we run automatically, whether helpful or not.  The problem is that most of us aren’t in life/death situations every day in which we need the survival programs running; but the stress (or what we perceive as stress) in our lives keeps them active as if we were.

So it’s time to begin to analyze our programs.  Next time you notice an automatic response (behavioral or emotional) to a trigger/stimulus, ask yourself this question:  “Would I ever consciously choose to feel like this or behave like this?”  If the answer is “yes,” keep it.  It might just be saving your life.  If your answer is “hell no!” then it’s time for an upgraded program.

Just a tip here:  when you find a program you can say “hell no” to, first be grateful for it.  It’s kept you alive and well.  In LifeLine we say, “Thank you, subconscious, for the gift of this protection.”  

The next essential step in reprogramming is to decide what the new program is you want to run.  This one is your choice.  What’s the next best version of  yourself?  How would that next best version of you feel and behave?  Who would you choose to be in the face of that trigger/difficulty?  What would you choose?  Then we can say, after thanking ourselves for the gifts of protection, “I now have the tools, strategy, and support to think, feel, and act with love.  I am__________, feeling ____________.”  That will become the new program.  Granted, it still needs lots of repetition to replace the old pattern, but that’s where we start.  

Every LifeLine session begins that way.  We acknowledge the old pattern and bring in a new one.  Then we find the areas of the subconscious that are not in agreement with the new pattern and get them on board.  These include finding areas of imbalance, gifts of protection, elements of change, expression channels, and holding patterns.  It’s an amazing process. 

 Sometimes we just need an upgrade. Sometimes we need a brand new program that we’ve never considered.  Sometimes we need to completely reboot.  No matter what, changing our language and our programs will help us become the next best version of ourselves.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  Growth and improvement?  I also acknowledge grace in my life.  There are times that grace and mercy have intervened and changed me.  I also believe we’ve been given stewardship of our own bodies and life creations.  We are creators and co-creators once we become aware enough to choose.  May we all awake and arise to conscious living a little more each day by improving our programs is my challenge this month.  

Love and light to you all,  

Infinite love and gratitude,