Fighting back with ease.

I was hit today with the an enormous synchronicity and I’m compelled to write this post in regards to addressing this pandemic situation. Having heard this podcast with Dr Tom Levy which I reference here, having met Dr Levy and talked with him about Vitamin C therapy I trust him completely. In this discussion he says this whole thing would be over if the media would be honest for 24 hours, then went on to describe the techniques put forward by Dr Brownstein and others in regards to the use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide, personally not even worrying about using a food grade form in the short term ( I have more then one colleague who has done it with regular stabilized H202) however I have been recommending and using the food grade version at about 1.5% mixed with saline, the saline strength can be greater than the 0.9% that is congruent with our blood all the way up to evidently 7% which can be good for sinuses as well. Inhaling it through the nostrils, one nostril and then the other holding the breath slightly and then also inhaling in the mouth. This can be a monotherapy, meaning a single therapy that by itself can reverse almost all Covid cases. For more severe cases of course we add the protocols associated with vitamin D (Which incidentally is not very good at treating the infection but very good for prevention so everyone should be taking their vitamin D.) Add to that zinc, vitamin C, perhaps quercetin, ivermectin, NAC, and others. In a severe case we might add major autohemotherapy, or other form of ozone therapy, followed by IV vitamin C. This protocol outlined by many others, including Dr Frank Shallenberger, who at a recent seminar I attended said he sent this protocol on to the CDC and the Biden administration only to be ignored. The straw on the camels back for me is this recent rumble interview from a Canadian guy interviewing a doctor Ardis, of course it no longer looks like a conspiracy, conspiracy theories now have become spoiler alerts in the face of this unpredictable and unprecedented time.

The takeaway for me is it is definitely time for all people to rise up to the fullness of their consciousness connecting to their infinite self and the God who created them so that they may be directed in discerning the truth, then caring for themselves and their families and their communities as they fight against the obvious tyranny and the obvious onslaught of nefarious forces that seek to enslave men once again. We may ask ourselves what is my role in standing for and teaching truth and preserving Liberty? I have long tried to see both sides of every issue and not take a stand. I have always sought not to offend but rather to build bridges as a peacemaker in my family. Hence my voice may not be as loud as others. Nevertheless when I have friends who have died for lack of knowledge, and the hidden truth. I am compelled to speak at least a piece so that the tragedy of a young man leaving behind small children never has to happen again, not for my family, not for those under my care, not for their friends and families that they care for, when there are such easy simple powerful answers to the mess we call this pandemic.

Enjoy these links and implement and share as you see fit.
With Infinite Love and Gratitude, Dr. Alexander Gilmore.