De-cluttering life

Messes, messes, oh the messes.  Remembering what it was like when we had several young homeschooled children, I remember being baffled about the extent of the messes.  It wasn’t like that in my house growing up.  Oh right, we’re homeschooling!  On top of regular toys, we have educational toys and workbooks and videos and art supplies, etc.  And we’re home all day using them!  This became a real source of stress for me and for the children when I was angry and upset about their messes.  

I read a brilliant idea in a parenting book (I think it was “Parenting With Love and Logic” but I could be wrong) called “Gunny Bag”.  Gunny Bag in my case was a pillowcase with a scowly face drawn on it.  The purpose of Gunny Bag was to sneak into their rooms (via Mom) and collect everything that was lying about on the floor that shouldn’t be there.  Those things could be retrieved from the jaws of Gunny Bag by doing chores for Mom or by paying $ to get them back.  

Is this your life?

I’m not sure how much it really helped with keeping rooms cleaner, but it did teach them what they valued.  And as a mother, I learned what sorts of things each child valued and what things they could easily let go of.  That helped me know what sorts of purchases were valuable and what would end up being a waste of money.  I’m not sure what they learned or if it was just a fun game for them, but I do know that with 4 adult children now, they’ve all demonstrated the ability to discern between things they value and want to keep and what they can let go of.  They don’t agonize about getting rid of things that aren’t serving them anymore (like their mom and dad sometimes do).

But I realize I’m getting better at that because of my LifeLine training; because in LifeLine living, we learn to let go of old limiting beliefs and patterns that we once treasured, valued, and needed and replace them with a tidier way of living.  We replace anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. into acceptance, understanding, patience, love, joy, peace, etc.  Sometimes we recognize the old patterns for the garbage that they are, like the dried up markers, headless Barbies, and games with missing pieces.  We also recognize what used to have value but is no longer serving us like old and frayed toothbrushes, outgrown toys, partnerless socks, and well-worn but now holy shoes.

So let’s do a Gunny Bag for the mind exercise together!  Think of an automatic, emotional response that you recognize as garbage (modeled for you as a child so it became yours but you don’t want it) or as something that used to have value for you but is now getting in the way of your progress (in life or in relationships).  Either way, we’ve learned and grown from these patterns and so we can say:

“Thank you subconscious for the gifts of _____________________ (your pattern), but I no longer need it.  I now have the tools, strategies, and support to think, feel, and act with love.  I am _________________(your replacement pattern).  Infinite love and gratitude.”  Then let your heart’s intention guide you into your daily living with that new pattern.  It’s work, yes.  But sometimes bringing out Gunny Bag is just what we need to bring awareness to our feelings and behaviors and determine their value in our lives.  And those , my friends, are messes worth cleaning up.

Love and light to you,


If you would like more support please email me to schedule a session.

Activating Your Superpower

I began my brisk walk on the trail like usual, a podcast cued up and ready to play at 1.2x speed, ready to burn some fat and learn something valuable.  I only do this form of exercise once/week and look forward to it.  As I rounded a corner, the view caught me off guard.  This is a view I see (or don’t see) every week.  The different shades of green from the different trees, weeds and grass, blue sky.  I stopped the podcast.  I slowed my walk.  I took some deep breaths.  I noticed the birds singing and saw them flit between trees.  The wind made everything move and shimmer.  The sunlight amplified the shades of green.  I felt like I was in a sacred grove.  I felt connected to the beauty around me.  I felt grateful.  I felt warm and radiant.  I felt in awe.

My therapist daughter recently introduced me to polyvagal theory which corresponds with what I’ve been teaching and practicing concerning our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.  The above moment would be considered a ventral vagal state, which correlates to the parasympathetic healing state. This website has great info and a neat chart if you want to know more. 

Both parasympathetic and sympathetic are part of the autonomic nervous system.  That means that they react to stimuli automatically.  But there are some things we can do to consciously get ourselves out of the rushed, hectic, frenzied, worrisome, stressful state (sympathetic).  The parasympathetic state is one in which digestion, regeneration, detoxification, and healing occur.

Being in sympathetic state isn’t bad; it’s necessary at times, daily in fact.  We use it everyday to move, work, play sports, take on challenges, etc.  But we aren’t designed to sustain that state long term.  Doing so wears away at our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Imagine the world with us all being Hulks most of the time!  We aren’t doing anyone any favors.  That Hulk mode is a superpower–to be used sparingly.  

Sometimes switching states feels subtle and flowing.  You spend time working on an urgent project or at a high stress job and then you take a break, eat, go for a walk.  Later you go home and relax, connect with loved ones and meditate.  Other times the switch feels like Hulk.  You’re calm and pleasant one moment and then turn mean, defensive, and irritable in an instant because of something someone says.  Just like Hulk, we need training.  Most of us need to practice slowing down and getting into healing mode (zen). It’s ok to be in “go, go, go, gotta get it done” mode for part of the day, but how many of us end up doing that all day?  

Studies show that “insufficient Parasympathetic activity with excessive Sympathetic activity (a typical result of persistent stress, including psychosocial stress) may suppress the immune system, over stimulate the production of oxidants leading to excessive oxidative stress, raise blood pressure, promote atherosclerosis, cause persistent inflammation, accelerate diabetes, promote atherosclerosis, and accelerate the onset of heart disease, kidney disease, or dementia.”,blood%20pressure%2C%20promote%20atherosclerosis%2C%20cause

I looked up articles in PubMed but there’s too many to list. 

I now allow myself time each day, several times a day to enter into this healing state.  We can spend a lot of time and money doing things to encourage this state; and we can do simple, free things as well.  As the above story illustrates, we can simply stop multitasking and focus on one thing, being really present.  We can take deep breaths.  We can watch a sunrise or sunset and smile.  We can connect with those we love.  We can enjoy a pet or nature. Light exercise.  Eat slowly, noticing the flavors and textures.  Hold hands with a loved one.  Gaze at the stars.  Hum a tune. “Take time to smell the roses.” These are some of the things we can create habits of doing often.  

I also use some therapies to aid my transition into a healing state.  BrainTap and light therapy are probably my favorites.  I’m using my DNA Vibe right now as I type this for light therapy.  I use an infrared sauna often.  BrainTap helps me get deep sleep at night or during a midday nap.  Sleep is critical for healing and regeneration.  I rarely wake up to an alarm and let my body awake naturally when ready.  I take vitamins to lower my cortisol level when needed.  I use adaptogenic mushrooms and Vit. D to enhance my immune system.  I fast for 3+ days quarterly to boost autophagy and stem cell production.  I eat low inflammatory foods…usually, lol.  I exercise regularly.  These are just more ideas that may speak to you.

My challenge this month is for each of us to choose at least 3 things to implement into our schedules that activate our healing power.  Improve the quality and quantity of that innate power and you’ll find yourself loving yourself, your life, and others even more.

All my Love,

Lisa Gilmore

Is this the most advance Hydration ever? “Goldilocks water”

A new company is launching this month and the promotion is incredible, a FREE case of their product shipped direct to you, and you don’t even have to pay shipping if you get your request in before April 19th!

Manoj Bhargava is the man behind 5 hour energy and as a multibillionaire he is trying to make the world a better place. His latest challenge was to solve the looming water crisis, and he has succeeded in developing a breakthrough that will do the job! He already feeds millions of children (with the stipulation that they have to go to school to “earn” their meal). Now he has potentially saved millions of lives with this new water purification system.

This ultrapure water is the beginning of the new product called Cellular Hydration, with the addition of key minerals and amino acids at very specific concentrations. [a term used is osmolality or osmolarity]. The level of around 200 allows for ideal absorption into your body..

Below is more details links etc from my good friend Chris Kinney.

 Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a Good Friday!! This text/email may be lengthy, but please read it all.

Please be sure to include name, address, city state (in 2 letter abbreviation), zip, email and phone number in the following format 123-123-1234, and which type of water Unsweetened or Sweetened . [the sweetening is sucralose so I have been recommending unsweetened]

Submissions are currently running approximately 2 weeks behind from when received.

Intracellular hydration vs normal hydration- we are the only ones who are able to do it without sodium and sugar. We are the only no sodium, no sugar Intracellular hydration product available. 

Normal hydration is extra-cellular, meaning it passes through you. That’s why when we drink lots of water, it passes through us. We are not like that. We have the perfect osmolality of 200 for intracellular hydration. Water has an osmolality of 10. The World Health Organization has come out and said the optimum osmolality is between 180-260, so we’re just right. That’s why we affectionately call it “Goldilocks water”  

Video- Everything you know about hydration Here is the edited recording from  4/4/2024  SMALL  Zoom call with Manoj.
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This very interesting: . ( watch video below ) This company is called True Essentials based in Detroit. This is backed by Manoj Bhargava who is worth about $5 billion. He is the founder of the famous 5 hour energy product which has been a gigantic success. He also owns 14 other companies including parade magazine and 50 other magazines, a pharmaceutical division, Alzheimer’s therapy centers, water division, 4 tv stations including a 24 hr news channel, sports channel, German tv channel and home shopping network. For our water hydration, beauty, weight loss and sleep products, we have just launched a Direct Sales co. with a very attractive earnings opportunity. We’ve hired the best veterans in the industry to run the business and are now looking for top leaders to take advantage of the ground floor opportunity. 

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What is your Programming? By Lisa Gilmore

Computer Programmers

I used to hear and repeat the idea that:  “You can’t control what happens to you, but you always have a choice in how you respond.”  I now believe that only partially.  I’ve learned that I/we all have programs running that cause us to act automatically in certain ways.  If something happens automatically, there’s no conscious thinking involved; therefore, how can one choose a reaction before an automatic one happens?  Sometimes there is no choice.  So the key to conscious living (one that is intentional and full of choice) is found in the programming.

Just like a computer, our programming can change as well.  

Sometimes the computer just updates, making minor changes to keep things functioning smoothly.

Sometimes new programs are created to fit a need or desire of a community.

Sometimes the computer crashes and renders much of it useless.

How do we change our programming–our automatic responses that no longer serve us, those we love, or the world at large?

Let’s begin by changing our language.  Let’s begin to take ownership of the life we’re living.  We often do things we don’t want to do because of obligation, duty, sacrifice, or love.  And those can be honorable choices, so I didn’t include “I want to” in the list below as I believe choosing is more powerful than wanting.

Instead of: Change to:

“I have to…” “I choose to…” or “I choose not to…”

“I should…” “I choose to…” or “I choose not to…”

“I don’t have enough (money, time, etc)” “I choose other priorities”

“I can’t” “I choose not to” or “I can’t…yet!”

Next, let’s begin to be aware of what programs we’re running.  Many programs are designed for survival, to keep us safe.  In fact, we are hardwired for survival.  The limbic brain is the part of the brain that holds the “fight, flight, or freeze” response.  Thanks to the hippocampus and amygdala, our memories are stored in such a way that the most traumatic ones are kept alive and waiting for us to pull from to keep us wary of other similar experiences.  The normal, daily, happy life experiences get stored in long term memory. The traumatic ones stay in short term memory and become the programs that we run automatically, whether helpful or not.  The problem is that most of us aren’t in life/death situations every day in which we need the survival programs running; but the stress (or what we perceive as stress) in our lives keeps them active as if we were.

So it’s time to begin to analyze our programs.  Next time you notice an automatic response (behavioral or emotional) to a trigger/stimulus, ask yourself this question:  “Would I ever consciously choose to feel like this or behave like this?”  If the answer is “yes,” keep it.  It might just be saving your life.  If your answer is “hell no!” then it’s time for an upgraded program.

Just a tip here:  when you find a program you can say “hell no” to, first be grateful for it.  It’s kept you alive and well.  In LifeLine we say, “Thank you, subconscious, for the gift of this protection.”  

The next essential step in reprogramming is to decide what the new program is you want to run.  This one is your choice.  What’s the next best version of  yourself?  How would that next best version of you feel and behave?  Who would you choose to be in the face of that trigger/difficulty?  What would you choose?  Then we can say, after thanking ourselves for the gifts of protection, “I now have the tools, strategy, and support to think, feel, and act with love.  I am__________, feeling ____________.”  That will become the new program.  Granted, it still needs lots of repetition to replace the old pattern, but that’s where we start.  

Every LifeLine session begins that way.  We acknowledge the old pattern and bring in a new one.  Then we find the areas of the subconscious that are not in agreement with the new pattern and get them on board.  These include finding areas of imbalance, gifts of protection, elements of change, expression channels, and holding patterns.  It’s an amazing process. 

 Sometimes we just need an upgrade. Sometimes we need a brand new program that we’ve never considered.  Sometimes we need to completely reboot.  No matter what, changing our language and our programs will help us become the next best version of ourselves.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  Growth and improvement?  I also acknowledge grace in my life.  There are times that grace and mercy have intervened and changed me.  I also believe we’ve been given stewardship of our own bodies and life creations.  We are creators and co-creators once we become aware enough to choose.  May we all awake and arise to conscious living a little more each day by improving our programs is my challenge this month.  

Love and light to you all,  

Infinite love and gratitude,


Imperfection By Lisa Gilmore

I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection.  My favorite line from it so far  “As a recovering perfectionist and aspiring good-enoughist…” describes myself very well.  She clarifies the difference between healthy striving to be our best and perfectionism.  Perfectionism is actually armor we choose for protection and a mask we choose to hide behind.  The book gives great tools and help for overcoming perfection, so if you’re interested in that, please invest in her book.  Now for part of my journey with this.

I wouldn’t say my perfectionism was all-consuming in my life.  My home has never been perfectly organized and clean.  My meals are usually slapped together and casually presented.  My hair is usually pulled back into the easiest, most comfy, practical ponytail.  So why do I think I have struggled with perfectionism?  Straight A’s since the 3rd grade.  Voted “most likely to succeed” as a senior.  Dutifully signing up for every service opportunity that came my way.  Those are all fine and dandy, so….

How I know that these were laced with the drug of perfectionism is because of my feelings.  Despite all of these good things, I felt misery.  I was never really happy with myself or my situation.  

Another semester of all A’s:  “Who cares, there’s another one coming to prepare for and a GRE to study for.”

Voted most likely to succeed:  ”So what, now the real work begins.”

Serving/volunteering at every chance:  no conscious thoughts about this one.  Just a pattern for me to be “good” and distract myself from caring for and loving myself.

I began to notice my perfectionism patterns after reading another of Brown’s books called Daring Greatly because of the level of shame she helped me identify in my life.  So it’s been a journey since then.  I noticed myself apologizing for the state of my house if someone popped by.  I found myself apologizing to the family about the meals I made.  I discovered that it felt excruciatingly hard to say “no” to anyone.

When I recognized those patterns in my life I decided to outwardly change them.  I committed to myself that I would never apologize about those things again.  If someone doesn’t like my housekeeping, they don’t need to come over or they can do it themselves.  If I burn dinner or make a simple one-pot meal I might say:  “Oops.  I burned dinner.  If you don’t want to eat it that’s fine.” Or “Dinner is simple tonight.”  It was so easy for me to start or finish those sentences with “Sorry”, but why feel sorry when I did my best?  The “sorry” was really a declaration of shame.  What I learned to do is separate my failings from my self-esteem/self-worth.

Making those changes has improved my life significantly. Now I tend to sit awhile on decisions to help someone, and decide if it’s something that resonates with my mission/purpose/passion at the time.  Is there anyone else more qualified to help?  Can I give myself fully and joyfully to this situation?  Is the need real or pretended, exaggerated or inflated?  

After a year of improvement, it was time to level up again.  This time by way of a trigger.  I took on the role of “team mom” of my 6th grade daughter’s basketball team.  I was mostly there to encourage and provide bandaids; that fit my nature and desire to be helpful.  But one day the head and assistant coaches didn’t make it to practice.  I was in charge. I’ve never played basketball!  I was so angry after that pre-game practice!  When I dove deeper–past the blame game–I discovered the underlying belief of “not good enough.”  Just as a tip, they say if you’re angry, it’s a cover emotion for something much deeper and not necessarily about the person you’re angry at; it’s all about you.

As a LifeLine practitioner, my way of dealing with such things is to run a session with myself. The intention I chose:  “I am enough; feeling successful and confident.”  I was able to drop the judgment, fear, and anger I was experiencing and back to a place of loving what is.  For me, a miracle happened that I totally wasn’t expecting.  Our team won 3 games in a row, when they hadn’t won a game yet.  Granted, there were lots of variables to create that, but what if my hidden limiting emotion of “not good enough’ emanated from me, contributing to the previous losing season.  What if my shift to “I am good enough” radiates outward to my family and friends?  That would be amazing.  But the shift within me is enough.  

I’ve now added to my mantra “feeling fulfilled” as I’ve needed to do another round with this one.  I now feel the added weight of the perfection armor lightening and the mask lowering and enjoying the process.

Keep shining bright!

I’m here for you if you need support.

Peptide Phenomenon

The phenomenon of peptides and the miracles they can do. One special peptide is called semaglutide and it has the remarkable ability to help in the category of weight loss. We’ll also discuss some of the latest peptides and how you might stack them for optimal health. We will have a guest speaker who has dropped 70 pounds in the last 9 months on a healthy, steady path to regaining the body of her dreams, and her health back. ..Let’s just say wow! Find out some details this Sunday @ 4:30pm. This is all immediately following the Group LifeLine Session at 3pm all at Total Family Wellness and the 24hour gym Respond with questions or to reserve your spot.

We have an exciting and relatively inexpensive new tool in our belt when it comes to regenerative medicine today! Yes, we’re talking stem cell activation, antiaging, weight loss, immune modulation and more. The category of peptides is incredibly diverse and research is expanding at a breath taking rate. Here are some highlights in case you’ve never heard about this.

What is Peptide Therapy?

In recent years, the use of peptides in healthcare has grown and is now widely available as a treatment option for numerous conditions. I am always researching new advances in medicine to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care. As such, we are proud to offer peptide therapy to our patients as a method of improving their overall health, wellness, and quality of life.

What are peptides?

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are composed of amino acids that work to regulate a variety of biological functions and processes. These naturally occurring peptides act as signaling molecules within the body and instruct other cells and molecules on what functions to perform.

There are over 7,000 known peptides within the human body and though some may be similar each is responsible for facilitating a different response and action within the body. Some common functions of peptides include providing pain relief, aiding in soft tissue repair, accelerating healing processes, promoting weight loss and lean muscle gain, reversing symptoms of sexual dysfunction, and improving hormone production and cognitive function. The unique property of peptides can be harnessed and used to treat specific conditions; this treatment process is known as peptide therapy.

What is peptide therapy?

Though our bodies naturally produce peptides, the production of peptides can vary greatly by individual and as we age, the number and quality of peptides within the body may decline. Peptide therapy refers to restoring the number of peptides to stimulate cellular regrowth systems within the body as a treatment option for specific conditions. Peptides are typically administered directly into the bloodstream through subcutaneous injections, but may also be applied as topical creams, nasal sprays, or oral forms. This form of treatment can be entirely customized to the patient’s unique needs and goals. By using this targeted method, we can produce a specific reaction in the body and treat a variety of conditions.

What are the benefits of peptide therapy?

As stated above, peptide therapy is an extremely unique treatment option that can be used to treat a variety of concerns. Some of the benefits of peptide therapy can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Accelerate healing processes
  • Boost hormone levels
  • Build muscle mass
  • Decrease joint and muscle pain
  • Enhance cognitive function and memory
  • Help reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Increase levels of energy, stamina, and strength
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Promote healthy immune function
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Stimulate hair growth

Why should I consider peptide therapy?

Since peptides are naturally found throughout the body, it is no surprise that when disordered, they can create ripples of effects across multiple systems that may affect other bodily functions such as your digestion, metabolism, weight loss, sexual desire, inflammation, neuropathy, and a myriad of age-related conditions.

Peptide therapy can aid in treating these conditions by mimicking your body’s own peptides, which elicit a particular desired response. As peptides are naturally occurring and specific in function, they are well tolerated within your body with minimal to no side effects of treatment. Generally, peptides used in therapy are crafted from animal or plant protein sources such as eggs, milk, meat, soy, oats, flaxseed, hemp seed, and wheat.

If any of the benefits mentioned regarding peptide therapy sound appealing to you, consider scheduling an appointment to talk to your doctor about the benefits of peptide therapy. A consultation with our team is the best way to ensure you find the right treatment option for your lifestyle and goals. For more information on peptide therapy and how we can help you, contact:

Commonly Recommended Peptides:

BPC-157(or, Body Protective Compound 157) is a peptide chain consisting of 15 amino acids that has been researched for its extremely high level of biological healing activity. It is derived from a protective protein found in the stomach and can be administered orally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or intranasally. BPC 157 is a type of peptide therapy that has been recently studied to produce systemic effects on both the brain and the gut, and repair those systems. It also has protective effects extending beyond the stomach and intestinal tract. It has been shown to benefit: ulcers in the stomach, intestinal damage such as fistulas and inflammatory disorders, bone and joint healing and growth rates, and organ damage. It also has influences on the brain.

TB-500 is a synthetic peptide of the naturally occuring healing protein present in about all human and mammalian cells known as Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4). TB 500 is thought to have beneficial effects on wound healing, injury recovery, flexibility, and inflammation. Research indicated the effects of TB 500 are on blood cell and blood vessel development, cellular differentiation, and cell migration. The healing capability is due in large from the peptide’s regulation of actin, a cell building protein essential to healing and wound repair. TB 500 is produced in the thymus gland and is found in high concentrations in wound fluids. Research demonstrates it has wound healing properties in addition to healing and repair of skin, cornea, and heart.

TB 500 is a naturally occurring peptide also found in high concentrations in blood platelets. TB-500 peptides for research are not growth factors; rather major actin regulating protein peptides. TB 500 plays an important role in protection, regeneration and remodeling of injured and/or damaged tissues. The gene that codes for Thymosin Beta-4 was noted in a study to be one of the first to be stimulated after an incident of injury. Present in almost all human and animal cells, Thymosin Beta 4 is naturally occurring wound healing peptide. TB 500 , a synthetically made version of TB4 that facilitates comparable healing and recovery by helping building new blood vessels, muscle tissue fibers, blood cells, and facilitating cell migration. For a stressed and injured person, TB 500 can offer an extremely desirable wound healing effects.

CJC-1295 is a synthetic GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) analogue made up of 30 amino acids. It has been found to be highly effective with regards to the increase of growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 without negatively affecting the pulsatility of GH secretion. CJC-1295 is often combined with Ipamorelin due to its enhanced specificity as a GHRH. This peptide generates similar increases in growth hormone secretion, but without the appetite stimulation and increase in cortisol, acetylcholine, prolactin, and aldosterone seen with other peptides in its class. This peptide has been found to be very well-tolerated and perfect when combined with Ipamorelin.  Gland Stimulated: Pituitary

CJC 1295 offers many benefits to the body, including: Increased growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 Levels with no increase in prolactin, increased Body Weight and Length through increased protein synthesis, increased Muscle Growth, Bone Density, Immune Function, Cognition and Memory, Collagen Production, Fat Loss, increased Cellular Repair and Regeneration. CJC-1295 also promotes slow wave deep sleep, which is responsible for the highest level of muscle growth and memory retention and rejuvenation.

AOD 9604 has become a real heavyweight among people looking to become both leaner and lighter. While many consider it a weight loss wonder, this peptide is actually a fragment of human growth hormone (HGH). It’s natural ability to stimulate the pituitary gland helps to speed up your metabolism, which helps you burn fat and boosts your calorie burn—all without increasing your hunger or blood sugar. Fat doesn’t stand a chance against this naturally powerful peptide, whose impressive fat-fighting abilities can provide the following benefits, such as: Reducing body fat, increasing calorie burn, triggering fat release, boosting your metabolism, preventing non-fatty foods from turning into body fat, and reducing your appetite. In addition, there are no negative effects on blood sugar levels or tissue growth.

According to clinical studies, the remarkable power of AOD 9604 is found in its ability to regulate your body’s metabolism. By stimulating the metabolism’s natural fat-burning process, it triggers the release of fat from obese fat cells, while also working to decrease the growth of new fat in the surrounding fat cells. This results in greater weight loss and less overall body fat, without any uncomfortable effects on your appetite or blood sugar. Along with its recognized fat-burning qualities, additional studies have found that AOD 9604 may have a regenerative influence on bone & cartilage repair, particularly when it’s used along with peptide BPC 157.

PEG-MGF Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor is used for muscle recovery and new muscle growth. It binds to receptors and recovers the damaged muscle tissues, as well as signaling satellite cells to grow. This can be helpful to workouts, but also to age-related muscle loss issues and conditions. The benefit of PEG-MGF over the past variants of IGF, is that it doesn’t just repair damaged muscle tissue. Primarily, MGF is used in conditions requiring anabolic enhancement, including bony and soft tissue repair (e.g., tendon, ligament, muscle) following injury, sarcopenia (muscle wasting), stroke, or heart attack. PEG-MGF is a safe and effective option for use in patients who are looking to improve recovery and repair through anabolic signaling.

A Slave to Programming

Sow a thought, reap an action.
Sow an action, reap a habit.
Sow a habit, reap a character.
Sow a character, reap and eternal destiny.

What happens before thought? Where do your thoughts come from? Unfortunately most people don’t know the truth is that your thoughts come from your subconscious mind which can be difficult to penetrate and uncover. Most of this subconscious is from programs of biological survival and other cultural and social programs that are inoculated into your mind mostly from the ages of 0-6 years. Many people get stuck in these limiting patterns of behavior that can rob joy from life and create ill health suffering and disease.

Now is an opportunity for all of humanity/ Gods children on earth to wake up to the divinity within that can change these patterns through the power of God which is infinite love and gratitude. As you apply this infinite power to the exact areas needed, where you have internalized, lost, denied or disconnected from, the pattern of suffering can be broken and a new life can emerge.

What areas of your life are you experiencing something less then perfection? Are you willing to grow and change? Come set an intention deeply into your being through a Group LifeLine session this Sunday afternoon at 3pm. Join us live or virtually via Zoom. Your energy can make a difference not only through personal growth and influencing those in your immediate circle, but also through quantum entanglement to everyone everywhere.

“An amygdala hijack refers to a personal, emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat”.   
– Coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ 

 As you can imagine, getting hijacked is not ideal if you want to establish new habits, behaviors and strategies to achieve your dreams. 

Well, LifeLine is a very powerful process so you can say  “I don’t negotiate with terrorists, or make deals with the devil” 

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I AM free, flying high, feeling alive!  I AM strong and confident feeling alive!  I AM enthusiastic filled with the love of God feeling amazing! I AM experiencing ease and joy in every aspect of my life feeling purposeful! Infinite Love and Gratitude.

What is your life’s purpose? Are you fulfilling it with intention?  These are just some of the intentions I have had deeply programmed into my subconscious. They have been set in direct opposition to specific challenges I was experiencing at the time.  I also continue to draw strength and courage from these and other intentions that are programmed deep into my psyche by clearing limiting beliefs that needed to be knocked down, unraveled and released.

Conflict causes dissension, only through connection can we flourish.  Come join us as we experience the miraculous process of LifeLine with Lisa to live more intentionally and perform the inner work required for true personal growth and change. 

SAVE THE DATE… January 29th 3pm, Attend in person or via ZOOM as we work together for a better tomorrow.

#1. Improved self-confidence

#2. A different perspective

#3. Heightened self-awareness

#4. Create a balanced life

#5. Foster better relationships 

#6. Follow through on commitments

#7. Eliminate bad habits

#8. Achieve goals- doable, concrete, realistic 

#9. Discover clarity of purpose#10. Find Happiness

Total Family Wellness and Divine Connections Ministry together with Dr. Alexander and Lisa Gilmore  Present

A Group LifeLine® Session

This is a FREE event, the more people who participate the better effect we will have on healing our community and beyond. If you participate in person, you’re welcome to bring a healthy snack to share.

With infinite love and gratitude we invite you to participate in a group intention setting process.  Expand and grow your consciousness like never before.  We hope to fully activate the maharishi effect ( the prayer/meditative effect decreasing violence in a given region) as hundreds of people unite to bring a peace that will surpass understanding to heal humanity of destructive patterns inherited from our past. Isn’t it time we started creating/bringing heaven to earth? Are you divinely connected? Can you enhance your connection to the Divine?  We seek the most benevolent outcome and highest good and healing for all in this event. Learn about and take your abundant life score and allow change and growth to be evident as you release the subconscious and reconnect to internalized/denied/and disconnected power centers of heart, mind and will. Are you fully connected to your divine mission and purposes? Is your body free from pain, the effects of sin (death)? If we love enough and connect to infinite Source completely, will we extend our lives and become more Godlike? What will that look like? It is said that our ancient fathers lived nigh upon 1000 years, is it possible today?  How about just experiencing a more joyful existence now and healing ourselves and the planet at the same time? We all think that we perceive the truth, however perhaps we perceive what we believe instead.  Limiting beliefs passed down through generations and cultural programs inhibit the full expression of our divine connections.  Upgrade, shift, and reprogram your limiting beliefs now be empowered to change. Come set and fulfill your own intention and reprogram your sub/superconscious mind to create a more abundant life. Achieve lifetimes of spiritual and personal growth in a compressed time, a fast pass to infinite love and gratitude in your life.

Divine Connections Ministry

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